1. Shrimp skewer 7,90
Shrimp skewer with zucchini and taramamousse
4. Dolmadakia 6,30
Wine leaves filled with mincemeat and rice
7. Mediterranean Octopus 12,30
Fresh grilled octopus with an an olive oil dressing
14. Squid 8,90
Squid filled with greek goat cheese and paprika,
prepared with olive oil lemon dressing
15. Gamba’s from the oven 8,90
Ovenbaked prawns with tomatosauce and cheese
16. Baked mussels with tartare sauce 8,10
17. Keftedes 7,20
Meatballs in tomatosauce
18. Marinaded gamba’s 8,80
Prawns in olive oil sauce with hebs
21. Feta Saganaki 7,90
Crispy greek goat cheese
22. Baked babycalamari 8,50
Fresh crispy baked baby cuttlefish with tartare sauce
23. Ovenbaked goatcheese 7,20
204. Bruschetta with tomato and basil 6,50
205. “Loukaniko” 8,90
Grilled Greek sausage with mild mustard sauce
206. “Skordopsomo” 4,50
Garclic bread from the oven
207. “Tyropita” 6,40
Greek baked puff pastry with feta cheese,
honey and pieces of sweet red peppers
209. Grilled peperoni with pesto 5,70
With tzatziki, pesto and pita bread

All starters are served with bread